Dave Lacey

Landscape provides many opportunities to be creative, either by responding to it by recordage, by intervention, by building or by simply enjoying it for its raw beauty. Living in the Macclesfield area it is impossible to ignore its power. Even in these times where society is becoming increasingly aware of the fragile nature of the environment, it’s ability to renew and adjust to the pressures imposed upon it is awesome.

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Two works-Dusk in the Woods, and Dawn in the Woods are concerned with observations made on various trips through 2014 in both the Peak District and North Wales. They are nothing more than snapshots of the overwhelming ability of nature to overtake old man made structures and part of a series of drawings. They have in themselves become three dimensional- growing from drawings- made from wood- becoming a part of a circular image to remind the viewer that nature is not separate, but integral in all that we do, and are.

Some works are experimental pieces developed from earlier work, but by and large I will take contemporary themes and allow ideas from artists such as Tony Cragg, Anselm Kiefer, and David Nash to creep into my ways of thinking.

Without exception their work remind us that nature creates fabulous abstract images, whether from the human figure, or the open landscape. For this reason, I have over the years chosen to remain eclectic about my direct influences within my own work. There is too much out there to ignore, and too many ways of expression!